Herren Team II

2016 - Herren Team II



2015 - Herren Team II


After one month of training sessions with John, the MENS team II was ready for the interclub matches!

We played the course of KAMPENHOUT underneath the starting and landing planes.

On the first day, we had to play against Hulencourt, on the second day against Koksijde.

Both teams very strong with guys playing HCP between 4,6 and 8.

Henri-Chapelle lost both matches 1-4.


So on the third day, there was no other option than to win.

What we did! We beat Falnuée 3-2 in a very hard fighting match!


          Jochen Kutsch, Jean-Pierre Meessen, Jean-Claude Lekeu, Christophe Breuer,

          Dieter Rutzen and Benoit Gavage.

          Missing on Foto: Iliario Vozzo, Salvatore Abbate, Christian Maes, Gérald Lantin

          and Herbert Wilden.

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